Before I even launched Garnet PR I invested in a coach. Crazy right? 

Could I afford to do it? No.


Could I afford NOT to do it? Also no!

Investing in a coach to help me kickstart my business was the best investment I made. And I've not stopped since.


I've invested thousands of pounds in training and coaching throughout my career, with each investment paying back time and again. 

A coach sees the things you don't when you're in the day-to-day of your biz. 

They celebrate your wins, build your bounce-back-ability and help you to develop your skills to step into your next level of success.

And this is exactly what I offer through my unique coaching programmes. 


I've created three stand-out packages to support rural businesses, wherever you are in your journey.

A seamless blend of coaching, mentoring and training to pass on my top tips, tools and tactics, help you create your own success story and mentor you through the PR process.

Tell me more...


So many of my clients share the same struggles around PR; time, money, knowledge and confidence. Well not any more.


My coaching programmes are designed to help every rural business, no matter your situation or destination, I don't want you to have any barriers to success.

Maybe you're just starting out in business and you're not sure where to start with your marketing or PR?


Or have you been up and running for a while, but you're confused by the digital landscape or how to get featured in your dream media publication?

Do you know your reach from your engagement, your stories from your feed?

Perhaps you have a vision and goals but you have no idea how to achieve them?

Maybe it's how to put all of the above together into one deliverable plan?

It's time to meet your new secret weapon...

Ready to up-level?


Elevate Your PR

An intensive 12 week, 1:1 programme to help you take your PR to the next level, fast.

Investment from £499

Kickstart Your PR

A 1:1 VIP day to deep dive into your brand and get your PR plan sorted so you know what to do when, where and how.*

Investment from £339

*Right now, Kickstart Your PR VIP days are being held virtually at a very special price of £399, limited availability

Kickstart Your PR Online - Coming soon

An eight week, self-study course to learn my top PR tips, tools and tactics, giving you the knowledge you need to show up and stand out confidently and consistently.

Investment from £269

The waitlist for all coaching programmes is now open, apply below...

Here are just some of the places our clients have been featured

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