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Welcome to Garnet PR

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Your personal potion pot of PR prowess, mindset magic and success secrets.


Garnet PR is led by Rhiannon; mindset magician, biz whizz and PR expert. 


Rhiannon has more than a decade of experience in global public relations, celebrity & influencer management, international charities & award-winning communications agencies, as well as building a sold-out six-figure business in less than 18 months.


Looking to unlock your inner Success Sparkle?

You're in the right place!

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What I do...

I take my passion for everything empowering, inspiring and ground-breaking and combine it with my 10 years PR experience and specialist knowledge. My own brand of Magic, if you like.

Using this secret success recipe, we get your mind working for, not against, you, unlock your Star Quality and help you become vivaciously visible, getting your brand in front of your dream customers.


Whether you want 1:1 coaching to help you elevate to Superstardom, a helping hand to help you take your place in the spotlight or to hand your publicity over to a pair of safe hands, you're in the right place. 

My team and I take you from stressed out to sold-out; unlocking your Star Quality, uncovering your inner Success Sparkle and helping you to Show Up and Shine.

If you want to go from overworked, overwhelmed and hiding your light to clear, confident and shining bright, take a look at my services, get in touch or find Garnet PR on social media.

Where it all started...

I grew up in a small town in Lincolnshire, with a wildlife photographer for a Dad and a former model for a Mum; I was pretty hooked on the countryside and animals from day one but also a total girls girl; dancing, singing and dreaming of superstardom.

Most of my free time was spent at the stables, in the woods or at a dance class, so it’s safe to say I had a pretty imaginative childhood! 
Fast forward through a four-year events management and PR degree. I began my career at one of the UK’s best-loved conservation charities, the Woodland Trust. Here I honed my PR craft and established the charity’s little black book of celebrity supporters.

From ponies and trees to penguins and celebrities...

In 2012, I packed my bags and left the countryside for the big smoke, spending five years with international conservation charity the Zoological Society of London, and its Zoos', ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, two of the UK’s most popular visitor attractions.

I managed PR for ZSL’s products, events and experiences, as well as becoming a crisis communications expert. I adored working with an organisation which was making a huge difference in the world and still support them now. 

I also loved the Zoos; places where laughter and joy reigned supreme, where families had wonderful days out while learning about animals, the environment and conservation, and working on Hollywood movies and endless TV shows; all my passions in one place!

Along with PR, I oversaw ZSL’s celebrity supporters; establishing a new VIP engagement strategy, nurturing a committed group of well-known ambassadors and working with them to help raise ZSL’s profile, generate funds and highlight key campaigns.


Harnessing the power of influence and using voices for good, for inspiration and for change. This is very much at the heart of everything we do at Garnet PR today.

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Garnet PR, run by Rhiannon Bates, is cel

From conservation heroes, Sir David Attenborough, Kate Humble and Chris Packham, to wildlife champions Dermot O’Leary and Bill Bailey, and celebrity visitors including David Beckham, Little Mix, the Spice Girls and the cast of Strictly Come Dancing - VIP engagement and brand partnerships became my thing.

My next stop was with one of the nation’s firm favourites; Dogs Trust. Here, I managed PR for its famous Christmas campaign, launched its new TV advert, publicised governmental policy requests and changes and led on celebrity PR. I went from tiger cubs to puppies and loved every second!

I really have had a taste of everything that Superstar PR has to offer!

Escape to the country...

So where do we go now?

Well, with my heart in the country, and my feet in the city, it was time to escape. But I headed a bit further north than planned when I moved to Yorkshire for love!

Next stop, was an award-winning communications agency. Here I worked with some huge UK corporate businesses in construction and hospitality, wonderful visitor attractions and regional clients, delivering national, regional & local PR and social media campaigns. 

It was a brilliant place to be, but I knew my calling to help small businesses, support lifestyle and tourism brands, and to build meaningful connections with change-making women was growing stronger. To do more, be more and impact more, and to help more women to do the same using their own Superpowers. 

My passion at first was with lifestyle and tourism businesses that connect people with nature and the countryside or bring families together for wonderful days out and adventures. I’m also a champion of small businesses that create beautiful products at home in the country and wanted to help them.

Time to go it alone.

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That's where you come in...

I soon realised that the small businesses I was working with had one big thing in common: they were all run by ambitious, action-taking, big-dreaming women. 

And so, Garnet PR evolved. 

While we still very much have the countryside and conservation at our heart, our purpose has become bigger than that. 

It's my mission to help purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to find your inner Success Sparkle, step into your Star Quality and get the clarity, confidence and visibility you desire and deserve.

Whatever it is you do, you’re hoping to find your own special spotlight and you need someone who understands your values and believes in your brand to do that. Am I right?

If you’re looking for someone to help you get the clarity, confidence and recognition you deserve, for the business you love, then let’s have a chat. 


You now know all about me - I’d love to know more about you, your business and your plans.

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