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Academy of Pitchcraft & Visibility

Terms of Sale

Our core ethos for Garnet PR Ltd is to show you a way of doing business that empowers you and those around you. We practice what we preach and part of that involves setting out clearly from the outset the way in which we will deliver our services to you. If you are planning to join the Academy of Pitchcraft & Visibility, (“the Membership”) then you must read these terms and conditions in full.


Membership Terms: Key Details

The terms cannot be varied and in proceeding to purchase the Membership you will be deemed to have accepted these terms. The terms and conditions set out below apply to the services offered by Garnet PR Ltd in relation to the Academy of Pitchcraft & Visibility. Please read them carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under law and set out the terms under which Garnet PR Ltd (“we”, “our” or “us”) provide services to you, as purchaser of the Membership. These terms are subject to any rights you have under consumer law to which we are bound and which cannot be waived by contract.


Membership Outline

The Academy of Pitchcraft & Visibility is a membership platform for female entrepreneurs who want to learn how to get powerfully visible using public relations (PR). The Membership is an ongoing commitment where you can get support, guidance and PR opportunities. 

The aim is to provide support and guidance on PR tools, tactics & strategies that online and offline businesses can use to help them get featured in the media, secure visibility opportunities and subsequently leverage to grow their business. 

The information is not tailored to any specific industry or any one person or business but includes information that has been tested and used across a range of different industries. It is best suited to those businesses that have their foundations in place (clarity on your ideal client, your offers, a clear understanding of what you help your clients to achieve and how you do this) and are not completely new or just starting out. One of our other programmes, such as our 1:1 services, will be better suited to these needs, please contact us to enquire.  

Any live sessions will take place via Zoom (or another similar video conferencing platform).

The information and guidance shared will be based on Rhiannon’s 15+ years PR & visiblity qualifications & experience across global brands & charities, working on global PR & media campaigns achieving global media coverage, with world-famous celebrities and most recently in her own PR agency and visibility coaching business, Garnet PR Ltd.


Standard membership (DIY - Do It Yourself): 


- Access to all standard media requests shared in a Slack channel for you to pitch yourself to 

- Access to a support channel within Slack to ask occasional questions - this will be checked once per week 

- Savings on Garnet PR's events and workshops 

Commitment: 3 months minimum term then rolling 

Investment: £49pm (inclusive of VAT) 


 VIP Membership (DIY and DWY - Done With You): 


- Access to all standard media requests shared in a Slack channel for you to pitch yourself to 

- Access to a VIP only media requests channel where Garnet PR will submit your pitches for you* 

- Access to a support channel to ask questions (checked once per day) 

- Garnet PR's eyes on your pitches** 

- Twice monthly support and accountability calls 

- Exclusive invitations to and savings on Garnet PR's programmes, events and workshops 

Commitment: 3 months minimum term then rolling

BONUS: Quarterly PR planning workshop 

Investment: £129pm (inclusive of VAT) 

*You will be required to provide the copy for your pitch for Garnet PR to submit 

**2 pitches per week max

Private Slack Group

You will have access to a private Slack group to support you during the Membership. The intention of the Slack group is to provide community support and a network of individuals at a similar stage of business so you can connect and share the PR & visibility journey. This is also where all media requests & opportunities will be shared.

From time to members of the Garnet PR Ltd team may post and offer support in the Slack group but there is no guarantee that posts will be responded to immediately. For complex questions or where in-depth support is required, you may be invited to upgrade to a 1:1 service.

Please be advised that whilst we hope that you will be able to utilise the Slack group, we make no guarantees as to the availability of the group and/or the content within the group at any time.

Media requests

As part of the Academy of Pitchcraft & Visibility, the Garnet PR Ltd team will share selected media requests with members, you will be responsible for pitching yourself for these opportunities. A selection of resources will be available in an online vault to help you.  

 Media requests will be shared via the ‘media requests’ channel in the Slack group, it will be your responsibility to check this channel and take action. 

The option to have your media bio created for you as a one-off service will also be available and will be shared with you upon joining the Membership. Without these assets, you will find it challenging to pitch you to the media.

By joining the Membership, you agree not to share any media requests, information or resources with any other person, organisation or company. This will be a direct breach of our terms and could result in instant removal from the Membership without notice.



It is requested that at all times your behaviour towards others is polite and respectful. We will not be held responsible for the behaviour or actions of any other members. Should your behaviour be deemed offensive or inappropriate we reserve the right to remove you from the Membership with immediate effect.

Upon joining the Membership, you agree not to abuse the community by promoting your services, offers or products to anyone unless invited. Any unsolicited selling will not be tolerated, this is a safe space for all members to learn, grow, develop & connect and we wish to keep it that way.


The aim of the Membership is to provide you with the tools and understanding to deliver your own PR and increase your visibility to assist you in growing your authority, credibility and business. As a business owner, your business is individual and personal to you and whilst the strategies and techniques which we will provide are tried, tested and successful, it is not intended that you will watch a video or read a workbook and that you will instantly achieve media coverage or secure visiblity opportunities overnight.

Due to the nature of PR, Garnet PR Ltd cannot guarantee any results or media coverage, but will to the best of its ability provide resources that support you to undertake your own strategic PR & visibility.  

We make no guarantees or claims as to the success of any member. Each individual is unique and their business and activities are unique to them. The aim is that by working through the trainings and resources and taking advantage of all of the elements which the Membership has to offer you will have new information, strategies and techniques to achieve PR results and be able to harness these to grow your authority, credibility and business.

All information provided will be general information and guidance and will not be bespoke advice. We are not responsible for any action or inaction which you take as a result of the information within the Membership. We are not responsible for any loss of opportunity or any investments which you make.

No content in this Membership should be construed as medical advice, whether mental or physical. If you believe that you require medical attention you should seek assistance from a medical professional immediately. 


We ask that all members in the Membership respect the rights of others in respect of their behaviour and privacy. We will not be responsible for the action of any members including for any disclosures made by any members based on information which has been shared within the Membership.


Contact and Schedule

It is the intention that the Membership will run continuously and that any training materials, live sessions and media requests will be provided as set out above. Should an unforeseen reason arise which causes a session(s) to be postponed it will be re-arranged as soon as possible. 

Throughout the Membership we will be available Monday to Thursday between 9.30am to 5.30pm, we ask that the Slack group is the first port of call for all communication, however, should you wish to speak to us privately please email and we will respond as soon as possible and within 48 hours during the hours stated. 

If you have a technical query relating to accessing the Membership please include “Tech” in the subject line of your email correspondence.

You may see us post on social media outside of our core hours. Not all of these posts are live and some will be pre-scheduled. We are passionate about supporting everyone in the Membership and where we can we may respond to you out of hours but we make no guarantees that this will always be possible.



Payment Terms

The cost of the Membership is set at the time you subscribe. On subscription you will agree to monthly payments via Stripe which will be taken on the same day each month. You agree to a minimum 3 month inital term.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and protection of your personal data is important to us. Your personal data is protected as set out in our privacy policy which can be found here:

We utilise Wix to manage our communications with you and from time to time may utilise the Facebook Pixel analytics tool. From time to time we may switch providers, we will alert you to any changes.

During the course of the Membership you may have access to confidential information, in particular, the personal affairs of others in the Membership. In accepting these terms, you agree that you will not use or disclose to any person, organisation or company, and shall use your best endeavours to prevent the publication of, any confidential information relating to any other member.  

You accept that any unauthorised disclosure of personal or confidential information belonging to another may amount to immediate dismissal from the Membership. Should you decide to leave the Membership then you remain bound by the confidentiality and privacy obligations.


Refunds and Cancellation 

It is our aim that you will be completely happy with the Membership and find educational content, networking opportunities and form friendships. However, we appreciate that there may come a time when you wish to leave the Membership. 

In accordance with Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to cancel and obtain a full refund within 14 days from the date of subscription. Refund requests should be made in writing to and a full refund will be provided within 14 working days.

In the event that one or more drop-in sessions have already taken place, you have accessed the online vault of resources, or you have had access to any media requests within the first 14 days following your subscription, you are still entitled to request a refund but the value of the session(s), resources or activities shall be deducted from the amount paid by you, along with any reasonable costs which have been borne by us in respect of the administrative costs of commencing the Membership. 

There is no obligation on us to refund any amounts paid where cancellation requests are made following the 14 day cancellation period.

Should you wish to cancel your Membership you can do so by providing at least one calendar month’s notice in writing to

We reserve all rights to cancel the programme for any reason without prior notice. In such circumstance a refund will be provided for the remainder of that month as applicable.


Intellectual Property 

During your time as a member you will be provided with course materials, media contacts and media requests. At all times the intellectual property rights and copyrights connected with those materials remain with us. You have the right to use the materials as learning tools but you are not permitted to duplicate or provide copies or contact details to third parties. We retain and reserve all of our copyrights.



If you have a complaint about the programme this should be made in writing to Rhiannon Bates at


Frequently Asked Question

1. What if I need additional support?

Additional support can be offered to each member in the form of 1:1 support or guidance. We are happy to support you as required, please contact us directly, additional charges will apply. As a bonus of being a member in the Academy, you will have access to exclusive, discounted offers & services which will be shared with you upon joining.

2. Is the Membership suitable for all businesses and those at all stages of business?

The Membership is best suited to those businesses that have their foundations in place (clarity on your ideal client, your offers, a clear understanding of what you help your clients to achieve and how you do this) and are not completely new or just starting out. One of our other programmes, such as our 1:1 services, will be better suited to these needs, please contact us to enquire.  


3. Can I bring my team into the Membership?

Garnet PR Ltd understands that as busy business owners you may wish to have the support of your team in delivering your PR & visibility strategy. As such, we are open to discussing one of your team members having access to the Membership to support you. This will not be unreasonably withheld but must be confirmed by prior agreement in writing with Rhiannon Bates. They will be bound by the terms of this agreement and if found to be in breach could result in both their and your instant dismissal from the Membership.



We intend to rely on the written terms set out in these terms and conditions for the services that we provide to you in delivery of the Membership. These written terms shall constitute the entire agreement between us.

Should there be any conflict between these terms and any membership hosting platform or payment gateway, these terms shall prevail. 

We may update these terms and conditions from time to time for legal or regulatory reasons or to allow the proper operation of our service. Any changes will be notified to you as soon as possible.

If any provision or part-provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any such modification or deletion shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these terms and conditions.


These Terms are governed by the laws of England & Wales. The Courts of England & Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter and proceedings arising out of the Membership.

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