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A Free Webinar on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.


How YOU can get Featured in Forbes

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In just 30 minutes, you'll discover the exact steps to take to get featured in Forbes (and other high profile publications too) so you can catapult your credibility, expert status and sales results.

Tuesday 16 July, 7pm

 Are you ready for the ultimate shortcut to press success? 

Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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When you get powerful press features in highly influential publications like Forbes you can:

Sell out your offers with ease at speed - just like my client S, who sold out her group programme in just 48 hours

3x your annual income - just like my client J, who tripled her old corporate salary while working less and enjoying life more 


Become instantly recognised as a leader and expert in your niche - just like my client N who is globally renowned for her expertise


Get paid to speak, win awards, secure more game-changing press features, and stand out from the crowd - just like so many of my clients who have featured in the below media and more!

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Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-2.png
Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-2.png
Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-2.png
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Let me ask you Superstar, how would it feel to:


Stop selling your soul on social, posting and praying someone, somewhere will see it and DM you 🙏🏽

Ditch the freebie vampires who drain your energy and resources but never actually buy 😳


Stop playing small and boldly step into your spotlight, using the knowledge you already have! 💫


And Imagine...

The ‘cha-ching’ of payment notifications on the daily without lifting a finger 💰


Working less, earning more, and having more fun doing it because aligned clients come to YOU for years after a feature is published! 🎉


Being the go-to Queen in your area, recognised for your knowledge, expertise and feeling fully fulfilled every single day 💖


Sound good? I’ve got you.



Hey gorgeous, I'm Rhiannon.

Hey gorgeous, I’m Rhiannon, aka PR Queen to 6, 7 and 8+ figure female entrepreneurs who are globally recognised for their expertise because of their powerful visibility (*cough cough - epic press features!)


I’ve spent more than 15 years helping global companies, celebrities and female entrepreneurs to Show Up & Shine®. To get featured in game-changing publications, win awards, speak on stages, sell out their offers and boost their brand awareness. 


Establishing them as credible, leading authorities in their areas of expertise. Becoming the go-to, a non-negotiable, and standing out from the sea of the same online. 


And I’ve walked my talk. I harnessed the unrivalled power of PR to rebuild my biz from the ground up after burnout put me in hospital at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and I lost it all. I went from no clients and lockdown wreckage to fully booked with dream clients in less than 6 months, and hit 6 figures within that first year too. 


All by getting powerfully visible with highly sought after press features that I could leverage to show myself as an expert business mentor and PR Queen. 


Now myself and my team are trusted by million dollar brands. We’ve helped our clients to feature in powerful publications such as Forbes, Vogue, BBC, ITV, Red, The Times, Thrive Global, Mail Online, Fabulous, CNN, Psychologies and hundreds more, without them paying a penny for the privilege!  


I developed a rinse and repeat framework to get highly coveted and respected press features for FREE, first for myself and then for the hundreds of women I’ve helped in my programmes. And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in this FREE 30 minute masterclass. 

 The Formula to Forbes is right here!

In this 30 minute Masterclass you will:

Master the magnetic mindset which makes you irresistible to the press

Craft a powerful press kit showcasing your superpowers in all their glory

Discover the formula for a powerhouse pitch to get featured in Forbes 

And there will be a BONUS Q&A session after the masterclass for you to ask me anything!

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Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-2.png
Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-2.png
Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-2.png


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Let me tell you how this thing works…

Sign up below and you’ll be emailed with a link to your EXCLUSIVE How to Get Featured in Forbes masterclass party where all the breakthroughs and up-levels will go down ✨


The doors will open at 7pm on Tuesday 16th July where I’ll be ready and waiting to transform you into a PR Powerhouse.


All you need to do is grab your fave pen, a fancy notepad and get ready to skyrocket your press success.

We’re going to brew up a potion-pot of profile-raising perfection 🔮  I’m already bubbling with excitement!

If you’re done with selling your soul on social, faffing around in Canva, and wishing there was an easier way to get visible that will *actually* get results, then this masterclass is for you…

And it’s totally, 100% FREE!


Still reading? Don’t just take it from me, let me introduce you to Cath…

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Cath Harrison

Bee Assisted Ltd

Working with Rhiannon has been the best investment I have made in ME and my business. It has given me the confidence to be present and do things which otherwise I would not have had the confidence to do. 


Since working with Rhiannon I have won an award for my business, been runner up in another and am finalist in two categories for another award. I have been in the press, on the radio and on podcasts, it is all so important for being visible, and these are things I not only wouldn't have done before, but I would not have known how to or found out about where to find these opportunities. 


My business is now growing and I have the confidence to follow up on my ideas and plans - I’m now so excited for the coming year.

"Since working with Rhiannon I have won awards, been in the press, on the radio and on podcasts!"

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Superstar, it's time to...

Step into your Leading Lady Era and be seen, heard and recognised as the EXPERT you are.


You can get a game-changing feature in powerful press like Forbes, I will show you exactly how in this 30 minute masterclass where nothing will be held back.


It’s time for you to get the recognition, respect and revenue you deserve. This is your shortcut to Superstardom.


Are you ready to get featured in Forbes? 


I believe in you. Let’s go… 

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