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Let me introduce you to…

The PR Accelerator for female coaches, consultants and service providers to get your first or next piece of press coverage and skyrocket your visibility in just 12 weeks.

If you’re ready to build next-level trust with your loyal audience, attract new people and take centre stage in your industry WITHOUT constantly feeling like you’re selling your soul on socials, this fast-action, big-results group programme is for you. 


You know you are meant for more.


To build a business that stands the test of time, to be a non-negotiable not a nice-to-have, and to be seen, heard and recognised as the Superstar you are. 




Well, this is the place where Superstars make that magic happen. 


From conjuring up spellbinding strategies and brewing up mindset mastery to stepping into your power and becoming unapologetically visible, this PR Accelerator is a one-of-a-kind potion-pot of brand-boosting superstardom and press success.

It’s time to stop playing small, to step out of the shadows and into your spotlight like the BOSS you are!
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Niyc Pidgeon

 Multi-Million Dollar Business Mentor, Hay House Author, Positive Psychologist, Founder of Unstoppable Success & The Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification

“She landed me dozens of publications in print and online - Rhiannon is MAGIC!!”

In a few short months working with Rhiannon I’ve featured in more than a dozen publications, including big media outlets like Fortune and Huffington Post, and multiple page spreads in glossy magazines like Breathe, and Living North. 

As well as amplifying my authority and online presence, the sense of fulfilment at having so much support in aligning my message through the media has felt extra special.

I had already been witness to Rhiannon and her work through her being part of my mastermind, so I knew I trusted her with my business, brand and voice, but I was blown away by her professionalism, dedication, speed, and communication. 


Rhiannon is magic… and I so hope you say YES to her expert support with your journey in the press!

Our clients have featured in...

Let me guess, right now you feel...

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Frustrated that the people who shout the loudest online seem to get all the results, even though you know you are an expert at what you do and can really help people?

Fed up fighting for every £ that comes in or wondering where the next one will come from, and wishing that you could make consistent sales without feeling like you have to ‘prove’ yourself on every sales call or convince people to work with you?

Sick of seeing other people being tagged in recommendations for experts when you know that you are just as qualified, if not moreso, than them?

Tired of watching your dream clients sign up with your rivals, even though you know you could help them and get great results?

Sick of pouring your heart and soul into your business but not making more money

Like you’re too busy to get visible, even though you KNOW it’s the thing that will help you catapult your business, and wishing there was a way to get big results that didn’t take up hours of your time or thousands of £££

So over selling your soul on socials to try and ‘keep up’ with the big boys, and wishing there was another way to showcase your credibility & expertise?


But also scared to put yourself out there outside of your safe social bubble in case someone calls you out? 

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 Superstar, I hear you.. 

It’s time to learn the simple strategy that will skyrocket your credibility, authority & expert status. 


That will have people queuing up to work with you, who are ready to buy and need no convincing. 


That will ensure you’re front of mind anytime anyone asks for an expert in what you do. 

It’s time to get featured in the press and harness the unrivalled power of PR to show up & shine®.

I know exactly how it feels to be overlooked, undervalued and frustrated that you’re not where you want to be…

Pouring your heart and soul into your social media and business but feeling like you’re getting very little in return.

Wishing there was another way to get visible where people will ACTUALLY take notice and give you the respect and recognition you deserve.

Because you are supremely talented at what you do, with deep knowledge and expertise that could change the businesses and LIVES of your clients, if only people knew who you were and trusted you…


Seeing the ‘big players’ in online business everywhere you look and getting more and more frustrated because as their star rises you feel your sparkle dimming.

It’s time to see your name in LIGHTS!
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I've been there.

I watched my peers skyrocket their success and in trying to keep up, I burned out... big time

This was when I knew something had to change. 


After burnout put me in hospital for three weeks at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided this could never happen again.


I took HUGE action and committed to walking my talk. 


I used the power of PR to rebuild my business from lockdown wreckage with no clients to fully booked with dream clients in less than 6 months.  

I embraced my inner Success Sparkle, identified my Superpowers and channelled my energy into showing up, shining and sharing my story, my knowledge and my expertise. 


Boom! 💥


I secured highly-sought after press features across national and regional newspapers and magazines, that had people dropping into my DMs on the daily and established me as a go-to business mentor and PR Queen.


And I went from stressed out to sold out in less than six months, turning over six figures that same year, supporting other women to get powerfully visible and elevate their credibility, authority and expert status through the power of PR. 


Now myself and my team are trusted by million dollar brands. We’ve helped our clients to feature in powerful publications such as Vogue, BBC, ITV, Red, The Times, Thrive Global, Mail Online, Fabulous, CNN, Psychologies and hundreds more, without paying a penny.  


I developed a rinse and repeat framework to get highly coveted and respected press features for FREE, first for myself and then for the hundreds of women I’ve helped in my programmes.


It took the ultimate in chaos and confusion to make me realise there must be an easier way for female entrepreneurs to go from starstruck to Superstar, without hitting the burnout highway in between. 


I’ve invested more than £75k and hundreds of hours into honing my craft over the last 15 years, and to get the clarity and confidence I craved to enable me to step into my power and show up as my true self. 


I know I’m here to help other women just like you to achieve incredible success, use your voice and get the respect, recognition and sales you deserve without waiting years for it to happen. 


A shortcut to Superstardom, if you will.



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I’ve poured my heart, soul and all my knowledge into this 12 week group accelerator so that you can master the exact tools and tactics you need to get featured in the press, be seen as the go-to expert in your niche and become a money magnet, without having to spend thousands of pounds or waste hundreds of hours.


It’s time to get powerfully visible, to step out of your busy work and into your CEO Superstar shoes

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Cath Harrison

Bee Assisted Ltd

"Since working with Rhiannon I have won awards, been in the press, on the radio and on podcasts!"

Working with Rhiannon has been the best investment I have made in ME and my business. It has given me the confidence to be present and do things which otherwise I would not have had the confidence to do. 


Since working with Rhiannon I have won an award for my business, been runner up in another and am finalist in two categories for another award. I have been in the press, on the radio and on podcasts, it is all so important for being visible, and these are things I not only wouldn't have done before, but I would not have known how to or found out about where to find these opportunities. 


My business is now growing and I have the confidence to follow up on my ideas and plans - I’m now so excited for the coming year.


Create rock-solid business foundations to support your next level visibility and success


Banish imposter syndrome, wave goodbye to worries, overcome overthinking and create rock-solid self-belief so that you can Show Up & Shine® as your most powerful, authentic, influential self


Identify your unique Superpowers and know exactly how to use them to secure powerful press features that will supercharge your trust levels with your existing audience and attract dreamy new people to you, turning you into a money magnet!

Craft a game-changing press toolkit to get featured in your dream publications that once upon a time you could only dream of being in


Develop a PR plan to support your mission, vision and goals - you’ll know when, where and how to show up to have maximum impact


Explode your credibility, authority and expert status so that you can grow your business, make sales and become the go-to Star in your sector

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So, what's included?

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You’ll also receive:
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You’ll have access to a private Slack community where I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have between our calls and for you to connect with your fellow Pitchcraft sisters to support and celebrate each other as you get featured in the press. This is where the magic happens!




If you join via the waitlist or early bird you’ll get access to these juicy money can’t buy bonuses

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BONUS 1: Your little black book - DONE FOR YOU

Your very own personalised and bespoke media list with up to 10 press publications that I recommend you to pitch to based on your business AND contact details for the journalist to speak to as well.

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BONUS 2: Your punchy pitch to press - DONE FOR YOU

Your personalised introduction pitch to send to the press DONE FOR YOU! Yes that's right, my team and I will WRITE YOUR PITCH FOR YOU!


This is usually reserved for my highest level PR agency clients, but because your success is my priority, I'm gifting it outside of those multi-four & five figure packages just for you.

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BONUS 3: A masterclass with a national journalist!

An exclusive masterclass with a leading national journalist who specialises in writing about women and female entrepreneurs.


You literally can't get this without paying hundreds, if not thousands, of £££. But I'm going to bring this in FREE as a bonus JUST for you to recognise your VIP status and kickstart your press success!


You'll learn EXACTLY what the press want, how to stand out and how to get featured. 

There's more...

As well as ALL of that juicy goodness, (which you can’t get in one place anywhere else and would cost thousands to access individually), I have another INCREDIBLE surprise for you.

When you join this round of Pitchcraft I will gift you:

BONUS 4: Guest expert sessions from my little black book of powerhouse women leaders

I’m a huge believer in collaboration over competition and giving you ALL the tools you could possibly need to become a PR Superstar, so I’m dipping into my little black book of powerhouse women to bring you some of the most sought-after guest expert sessions going. Gosh, I am SO excited for these!

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Samantha Quemby

Sam is a Certified and Trauma Informed Leadership and Life Coach. She helps high-achieving women in leadership just like you with subconscious reprogramming and inner healing to shift their identity and own their next level. To go from self-doubt to self-belief and show up as the authority and leader you truly are.


Sam will host a LIVE session to help you tap into and own your next level Superstar status; unlocking your inner Success Sparkle, releasing any niggling doubts or fears and preparing you to truly take centre stage as the leading lady of your life and business. 


Sally Anne Howard

Sally is the founder of 49 North Digital, marketing maverick, omnipresence enthusiast and on a mission to help you build more than just an Instagram business. What she doesn’t know about digital marketing isn’t worth knowing.


In her masterclass, Sally will show you how to supercharge your SEO (search engine optimisation), and turn your website into a traffic generating machine, so that you don’t have to constantly show up on socials to make sales. 


Sally will show you what SEO is and why you need to care, why searchable = successful, and how to boost your SEO by building a digital footprint (psst, online press coverage is THE most powerful way to make this happen!).


You can take a break, go off grid and know that your SEO and PR is doing the leg work for you behind the scenes.

BONUS 5: Templates & resources to create your mind-blowing media kit AND a personalised review with feedback from me, your PR Fairy Godmother!

Yes, my eyes on your media kit BEFORE it goes anywhere AND my personalised feedback, hints, tips and juicy suggestions to make sure it packs a punch when it goes to the press.


First impressions count and I want you to sizzle and soar, this is your shortcut to making that happen.

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BONUS 6: Six month business and PR workshop to map out your vivacious visibility plan!

Don’t worry Queen, I’m not going to leave you all dressed up with nowhere to go! After completing the Accelerator, you’ll take the time to absorb, hone your craft and see your name in lights before we come back together for a business and PR planning workshop. 


Together we’ll map out the next 6 months to help you ascend to your next level with clarity and confidence, you’ll secure press features left, right and centre and create that next level impact, income and influence you deeply desire and deserve.


Prepare to catapult your success from just getting by to FLYING HIGH! 


Everyone will be talking about you for all the right reasons, you’ll go from nice-to-have to NON-NEGOTIABLE, with a potent and enviable ‘as seen in banner’ of media logos that skyrocket your credibility, authority, expert status and sales that people pay tens of thousands of £££ for!

These six bonuses are valued at more than £10k but you get them FREE when you join Pitchcraft

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And finally...

I have one more game-changing bonus for you.

That’s going to make it SUPER SIMPLE for you to get results and take away all the stressing and guessing…


Yes I’m giving you access to my little black book of carefully curated journalist requests while you’re in Pitchcraft! 


We get hundreds of these every single day, journalists looking for insight, expertise and opinions from women just like you!


The women in my PR membership who have access to these have secured press features in places like Fabulous, The Guardian, Successful Founder, Woman, Woman & Home, Stylist, Metro, The Times, SheerLuxe and so many more. 


These features have catapulted their businesses, helped them to sign dream clients, increase their income and get booked for guest speaking opportunities to build their brand awareness, reach and personal profile as a leading expert.


So to help shortcut your success, I will be sharing these opportunities with you, supporting you to secure them and cheering the loudest when you get featured!

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Who is Pitchcraft for?

Pitchcraft is for you if you are an ambitious, action-taking, positive and passionate coach or service-based woman who wants to do things differently and stand out from a sea of the same online. 


Who doesn’t just want to be a social media business, who wants to harness the power of PR for long-term sustainable success, and who wants to explode her credibility, authority and expert status to create more impact, income and influence


You’ll know who you are and what you offer, you’ll already have clients and likely be sitting around the £2-10k per month mark, you know you want to get more visible and step into your spotlight as the expert you are. 


OR you’ll be a VA or marketer who wants to offer something extra spicy to your clients. To bring a different modality to the table so that you stand out from your competitors and can bring a whole new, super valuable skill to them (psst, this will also mean you can increase your prices!)

RESIZED - Rhiannon-312 copy.jpg
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Who this is not for:

Pitchcraft is not for you if you are not an action-taker, willing to step out of your comfort zone and trust the process. You must be prepared to put in the work, follow the steps and boldly step into your next level, even if it feels uncomfortable at times! 


I only work with women who are ready to say yes to success, who are highly motivated, are ready to invest in their future, and who are willing to do the work to turn their wishes into wins and their passion into profit. 


If you’re looking for overnight success and want it done for you, this programme isn’t the right place for you (but we can chat about your other options).


Working with Rhiannon
Stephanie By The Way Creative-253-2.jpg

Stephanie White - By The Way Creative

“If you're a female business owner looking to use PR, there isn't a better team”

The Garnet PR team is absolutely fabulous to work with! If you're a female business owner looking to use PR, there isn't a better team. Not only are they incredible listeners, they have a fantastic knack for turning even minor details into incredible, thought-provoking pieces of press. They take the time to really understand your motives and bring forward 'great fit' opportunities that they know you'll love. On top of that, the Garnet PR team is well connected - so you can pretty much guarantee coverage in some big names! I think PR is something every female business owner should dip their toe in - it's motivational, confidence building and a real rush!


As seen in Daily Mail, Thrive Global, Marie Claire and more

Amy Crumpton - Social Cactus Coaching

“We were blown away with the coverage and features in publications I’ve been reading since I was younger!”
Amy Crumpton Social Cactus (11).jpg

Thank you so much to the entire team at Garnet PR for helping us become a #FAMOUS brand in the media. We were blown away with the amount of coverage you were able to create for us and the fact we were featured in some absolutely huge publications that I've been reading since I was younger. You're such a professional PR agency with so much knowledge and we will absolutely be working with you again in the future. Thank you so much.


As seen in SheerLuxe, Closer, BBC, Mail Online and more

Jenny Hutchins - JNY Personal Training .jpg

Jenny Hutchins - JNY PT

“Now I have so much confidence, I frequently show up as the expert that I am and I am no longer scared of PR!”

Working with Rhiannon was THE best decision and investment I have made when it comes to my business! Before working with Rhiannon I was lacking in confidence, not feeling like an expert and quite frankly being scared of showing up. Now I have so much confidence when it comes to running my business, I frequently show up as the expert that I am and I am no longer scared of PR! I couldn’t recommend Rhiannon enough!


As seen in Huffington Post, Pick Me Up, Woman & Home and more

How would results like these feel? 


  • Being featured in 10, 20 even 100+ influential and respected publications sharing your expertise and being recognised for what you do

  • Getting messages daily from people who you’ve inspired by sharing your story in the media

  • Having to increase your income goal four times in 10 days because you’ve smashed your sales

  • Raising your prices then having your best months in business EVER

  • 250%+ increase in sales and income year on year

  • Consistently signing dream clients who reference seeing you in the press when they apply

  • Sharing a shiny and highly sought after ‘as seen in banner’ of media logos on ALL your marketing material, building fast trust and getting people HOT to buy from you

  • Not having to sell your soul on social media day in day out, knowing that your press features will work hard for you in the background for years to come

  • Featuring in your DREAM magazines that you’ve read for years and becoming recognised for the SUPERSTAR you are


Let’s get down to business:

resized star.png

Module 1: Your rock-solid foundations

For our first module together we’ll be getting fired up about getting featured and creating solid foundations. 


We’ll explore your mission, vision, goals and ideal client - you may already have this nailed, amazing if so, but it’s always worthwhile revisiting. 

This underpins everything when it comes to powerful PR.

resized star.png

Module 2: Your magical media kit

This module we’re firing on all cylinders, it’s time to build your magical media kit. 


This will be your invaluable toolkit to get incredible PR results! Not only that but it will help you to see what a SUPERSTAR you truly are, how fantastic your stories, opinions and expertise are and why it’s so important that you share them to inspire and help others.

resized star.png

BONUS: Mindset & confidence session with Samantha Quemby

This is the perfect session to accompany you identifying and owning your superpowers and preparing to power up your PR & visibility. 


Sam will help you harness your inner power, step into the most confident version of you and prepare to fully show up & shine® as your most amazing self.

resized star.png

Module 3: Implementation, action taking & accountability 

Building your magical media kit is a juicy task so this module is all about implementing, crafting and embracing your next level. 


I’m here to support you, brainstorm with you and answer any questions, which is why there will be a co-working session for you to come and work alongside me. 


I invite you to dedicate the time to create, finesse and polish your PR bible so that you can hit the ground running in our next phase which is SUPER exciting! 

resized star.png

Module 4: Building your little black book

In this module you’ll learn my number one top secret tip to press success and start building your bespoke little black book


We’re also going to do one of my favourite activities; crafting your media vision board 🔮 then we’ll sprinkle some magic over it and bring it to life so that your wishes become wins!

resized star.png

Module 5: Honing your PITCHCRAFT

It’s time… We’re going to hone your Pitchcraft ✨


We’re building momentum, you’ve got everything you need to become a PR Queen… except your killer pitches. That’s what we’re going to nail in this module. 


I’ll walk you through the key pitches you need in your toolkit (and the formula to rinse and repeat them for different subjects you want to talk about), how to craft a stand out pitch to get featured, and my pitching top tips that land us national and international press coverage for our clients all the time. 


Then you’re going to start pitching to the press!




To support you as you hone your pitching prowess, I’m so excited to be unlock an exclusive Masterclass from leading powerhouse journalist, Bianca Barratt for you. This is the perfect time in the journey to learn some insider secrets from a top tier journalist.


This powerhouse Queen specialises in journalism for women and female entrepreneurs and writes fir national and international newspapers, magazines, online sites including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times, Refinery29, the BBC and more, so is the perfect expert to walk you through how to get featured in those highly coveted publications! 

resized star.png

BONUS: Masterclass from powerhouse Forbes journalist Bianca Barratt

resized star.png

Module 6: Pitch perfect - implementation, action taking & accountability

Phew, it’s getting hot in here isn’t it, I can feel the fire 🔥 Now we’re on a roll and you have everything you need to get featured in the press, this week is all about putting it into action and pitching. 


It’s time to see your name in lights Superstar!


We’re going to take what we worked on last module and get out there in front of the media to get that first or next piece of press coverage to help you explode your credibility, authority and expert status.

Don’t worry, I’m here to support you, give you a confidence boost if you need it and answer any questions during this implementation week, which is why there will be a co-working session for you to come and PITCH alongside me.

resized star.png

Module 7: Planning for PR Success

This module, we’ll map out your future PR wins and all the amazing press coverage you’re going to celebrate! 


We’re going to explore my insider secrets to help you stand out from the crowd, get picked to be featured and to plan for success.

resized star.png

BONUS: SEO Masterclass with Sally Anne Howard

To support you as you think about your PR plans and long-term strategy, I invite you to watch and exclusive SEO masterclass from digital marketing expert, Sally Anne Howard of 49 North Digital.


SEO is a vital part of digital marketing, it helps you to be found on search engines and to hit that highly coveted page one of Google searches - which is where you want to be to drive awareness, sales and traffic!


PR is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to SEO, building your digital footprint with highly valuable backlinks from news and lifestyle sites is going to skyrocket your searchability. I can’t wait for you to learn Sally's secrets to summit to the top of the search engines!

resized star.png

Module 8: The fortune is in the follow up

This module we’re going to talk about the MOST important part of PR success; LEVERAGING.


You see, it doesn’t stop when you get featured, it’s how you USE those results that really counts. We’re going to walk through the many ways you can power-up your PR results to work super hard for you for weeks, months and years to come. 


This is where you truly explode your brand, make more sales and attract more dream clients, it’s where you become MAGNETIC 🧲

resized star.png

BONUS: Six month PR workshop to map out your vivacious visibility plan!

Don’t worry Queen, I’m not going to leave you all dressed up with nowhere to go! After completing the Accelerator, you’ll take a moment to absorb, hone your craft and see your name in lights before we come back together for a PR planning workshop. 


Together we’ll map out the next 6 months to take you through 2024 with clarity and confidence, you’ll secure press features left, right and centre and create that next level impact, income and influence you deeply desire and deserve.

Prepare to catapult your success from just getting by to FLYING HIGH! 

Everyone will be talking about you for all the right reasons, you’ll go from nice-to-have to NON-NEGOTIABLE, with a potent and enviable ‘as seen in banner’ of media logos that skyrocket your credibility, authority, expert status and sales that people pay tens of thousands of £££ for!

Garnet Instagram Tiles-2.png
Garnet Pitchcraft Insta Grid-4.png


Hey gorgeous, I'm Rhiannon.

Trusted by million dollar brands, I’m the powerhouse PR Queen behind many of those 6 & 7 figure Starlets you’re seeing everywhere, and the business & visibility coach to service-based biz Queens and coaches on the path to superstardom.


AKA mindset magician, brand beautifier and visibility vixen.


With more than a decade in global public relations and celebrity publicity, working with charities like ZSL London Zoo and celebrities including Sir David Attenborough, Margot Robbie and the Spice Girls, there’s nothing I don’t know about star quality and how to harness it to shine brighter than the rest!


Whether you need a hint of fairy dust to take you from clouded without clarity to packaged-up perfectly, or want to know which stories to sprinkle to become the Star in your sector, I can help you find your inner Success Sparkle and turn your wishes into wins.  




  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    Are you an ambitious and passionate coach or service-based business babe ready to go all in on your dreams, become an A-lister in your niche and create massive impact by getting super strategic and scaling to success? Are you ready to wave goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid? To stop trading time for money, to scale up your offers and to learn how to actually move your business forward, committing to taking powerful action to turn your wishes into wins and your passion into profit? Do you wish you had a group of ready-made, high-vibe, ambitious biz besties to share your journey with? Yes, yes and YES? Then this is for you gorgeous!
  • Why should I invest in myself right now?
    Because there is never a wrong time to get your Superstar CEO strategies 100% sorted. If you’re stuck in the overwhelm of ALL the things, stressing and guessing and feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast… then it really is now or never. This super special Mastermind has been designed specifically for incredible women just like you who can be, do and have so much more, and you know you deserve it.
  • How do you know all this stuff?
    I was a PR princess, turned PR coach, turned mindset magician, brand beautifier and visibility vixen. With over a decade in PR working with some of the world’s biggest celebrities I know a lot about star quality and how to Show Up and Shine™. I’ve also walked the walk of building my own business to consistent £5k+ months, twice, from scratch! I walked the walk before talking the talk. I took my business from stressed-out to sold-out in less than six months and now I help other women to scale sustainably, get powerfully visible and step into their Superstar CEO shoes. I remember being stuck in the early stages of scaling; drowning in confusion & chaos, feeling frustrated and like I was sacrificing my soul without seeing the benefits. But then I created a simple success framework to supercharge my success; the exact one I’m going to coach you through in this programme.
  • How will it work?
    Over our 6 months together you will get a variety of calls; 1:1 with me, group calls with me, group calls with your co-coach Samantha and guest expert masterclasses, all carefully designed to support you as you uplevel your life and business. You will also get access to a private slack Channel for support, and an online vault packed full of juicy videos, pdfs, workbooks and templates for you to use and keep! Plus, you’ll also get that incredible in-person retreat day where we’ll go all in on powerfully owning your Superstar CEO status. And obviously there’ll be champagne, every CEO needs champagne! You can’t buy this combination of magic anywhere else.
  • What if I can’t make all the calls?
    Don’t worry, replays of all sessions will be available. You can submit questions in advance of the group coaching calls and you’ll be able to get support in your private Slack Channel. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to my online vault of resources to use at your leisure.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Superstar, fill out the application form, let’s hop on a call, then decide how you’d like to pay and let’s make magic! All of this carefully curated, magic-making goodness is valued at over £15,000. If you're ready to go from overworked, overwhelmed and ready for so much more... To Superstar CEO; scaling sustainably and doubling your income or hitting those £5k+ months, creating more money, freedom and fun, then I'm ready for you. I don’t want to see you playing it small, CEO Queen so I'm saving you a seat on our Mastermind rocket. We take off for the stars soon Superstar, are you in?

🌟 So then Superstar, are you in? 🌟

How would it feel to see your name here?
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