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Are you ready to BREAK THROUGH your own glass ceiling, get POWERFULLY VISIBLE and unlock YOUR Limitless Lifestyle?

Want to ascend to Superstar CEO status + secure sustainable success?

Amazing! You’re right where you need to be...


It’s time to claim YOUR dream life, go further, faster and unleash influence, without selling your soul on social, stagnating in ‘stuckness’ or riding the revenue rollercoaster.

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Hey Superstar, I'm Rhiannon!

I help ambitious, action-taking female service providers, coaches and consultants to show up & shine®, to be seen, heard and recognised for their magic, and to skyrocket their impact, income and influence WITHOUT  burning out or feeling like a slave to social media. 


It’s my mission to help women unlock their inner Success Sparkle, unleash their Star Quality and ascend to become the A-list Superstar of their life and biz. 


I’m not about the smoke and mirrors. My tried and tested strategies are designed to help you get crystal clear on your beautiful brand, master your mindset and confidently come out of the shadows, using simple visibility and public relations tools and tactics to become your bold, brilliant, bossing it self. 

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"Imagine where you could be six months from now if you choose to believe in yourself today."

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Ready to become a Star?

All of our programmes have been carefully curated to help you get powerfully visible and show up & shine®. 

So whether you want to go from start-up to Superstar CEO, or you’re ready to explode your credibility, authority and expert status with powerful press coverage and next level visibility, my premium experiences are your shortcut to Star Quality. 

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Superstar CEO Mastermind



Star Quality Success Society



Show Up & Shine®


So what can you expect when we start making magic?

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Developing a Superstar mindset to rival the world’s most celebrated entrepreneurs


Waving goodbye to overwhelm as we untangle your incredible ideas 


Creating a crystal clear, step-by-step plan to skyrocket your success


Conjuring up a visibility storm to achieve the recognition you deserve 


Finding your inner success sparkle and feeling like a confident Queen


Meet your mentor...

I’m the powerhouse PR Queen behind many of those six-figure Starlets you’re seeing everywhere, and the coach to service-based start-ups and scale-ups on the path to superstardom.

AKA mindset magician, brand beautifier and visibility vixen.

With more than a decade in global public relations and celebrity publicity, working with charities like ZSL London Zoo and celebrities including Sir David Attenborough, Margot Robbie and the Spice Girls, there’s nothing I don’t know about what makes some stars shine brighter than the rest.

Whether you need a hint of fairy dust to take you from clouded without clarity to packaged-up perfectly, or want to know which stories to sprinkle to become the Star in your sector, I can help you find your inner Success Sparkle and turn your wishes into wins.  

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Ready to go from starstruck to Superstar?

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Working with Rhiannon has been an absolute pleasure and extremely valuable. Looking for some help and guidance with the ideas I had to move my business forward, I came away with so much more. I now have a toolkit of tips and skills to help me continue the work we've done together. Rhiannon's endless enthusiasm and positivity is extremely motivating too! I would 100% recommend Garnet PR and will be looking to work with them again.

Lindsey McDean, Ladies Countryside Community

Once lockdown started, I must be honest I was freaking out about my business and felt helpless. Rhiannon held some coaching sessions and they fuelled me with ideas and inspiration. Rhiannon gives you practical aids so that everything seems manageable and she gives you actions so you can start implementing them straight away. She was a tonic in such a troubling times and still is with her emails that keep me on track!

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Liz Clare, MBST  UK


Rhiannon was the life saver I need in a time of real overwhelm where my business was growing fast and I felt like I needed to figure out how to handle that growth. Rhi was incredibly understanding and literally asked me all the right questions. Questions I knew I needed to tackle but was too scared. She gave me that boost I needed to get to the next level in my business. She is so knowledgable and personable - it was a real delight and almost like I had just woken up fully to the potential of where I could go. Rhiannon has a logical approach and i have benefited so much after our 1:1 power hour. Thank you so much for that incredible boost!

Emily Gardiner, EM.VA

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