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Yorkshire PR agency celebrates third business birthday

Garnet PR Ltd marks third successful year supporting small businesses and charities across the UK Leeds-based PR agency Garnet PR Ltd, is celebrating its third business birthday this month after bouncing back post-pandemic.

In the last three years Garnet PR Ltd has secured a staggering 5,000+ pieces of press coverage with its clients featuring in national newspapers, glossy magazines, on television, radio and podcasts, and across a vast number of online news and lifestyle sites.

After its founder, Rhiannon Bates, was hospitalised during the pandemic, the business was in a precarious position, but just as Rhiannon bounced back from burnout, so too did the agency which is now flourishing and has just launched a brand new PR membership to help more small businesses harness the power of PR.

Rhiannon shared; ‘After a tough few months in 2020 I’m so happy that we’re now celebrating our third business birthday. The pandemic brought a lot of challenges to so many people and businesses, to not only have navigated that tricky period but to now be thriving is wonderful, I’m incredibly proud.’

Over the past two years since the pandemic hit, Garnet PR Ltd has evolved from its rural lifestyle & tourism roots to support a wide range of businesses led primarily by female entrepreneurs.

Its client roster includes business coaches, lawyers, marketing & PR agencies, virtual assistants, stylists, luxury products, mindset, manifestation and spiritual experts, medical technology providers, physiotherapists, personal trainers and more. It also still supports tourism brands and charities operating in the leisure industry such as outdoor attractions and wildlife conservation organisations.

Garnet PR Ltd’s founder, Rhiannon, has also become a leading business mentor and visibility coach for women-led business, supporting them to start & grow their businesses, get visible through PR and create freedom and flexibility-focused lives - a core value of the agency which operates a four-day week and whose whole team work remotely & flexibly.

Rhiannon explained; ‘We’ve evolved a lot over the last three years, expanding from supporting rural lifestyle & tourism brands when we began to now working with a wide variety of female-led businesses through our PR services, business mentoring, and visibility coaching. I’m immensely grateful and proud to represent and support so many incredible female entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them to find and use their voices, grow their brands and create more impact & income is at the heart of what we do as an agency, it’s a privilege to be a part of their journey.’

Going from strength to strength, Garnet PR Ltd’s third year in business also sees the launch of a new PR membership; the Academy of Pitchcraft & Visibility. The membership has been created to help more women harness the power of PR and get access to industry experts through an affordable and accessible platform so they can share their knowledge, mission and message with the world.

Rhiannon concluded; ‘The last three years have been a real adventure and the next year is set to be even bigger with the launch of our new PR membership, courses and in-person events, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.’

Garnet PR Ltd has the privilege of representing inspirational female entrepreneurs, including; Elisabeth Clare, MD of medical device suppliers MBST UK, Elaine Ball, founder of Yorkshire-based Geospatial Marketing agency Elaine Ball Ltd, and Dawn Baxter, founder of Beyond The Dawn Digital Ltd as well as a full roster of coaching clients.

The boutique PR agency specialises in working with other female entrepreneurs, offering direct PR management as well as PR, business mentorship and visibility coaching and self-study courses for small business owners.

To find out more about Garnet PR, the team and its services visit


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