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Female Entrepreneur Beats the Pandemic Odds by Growing Business By 30%

As many businesses have suffered greatly from the fall out of Covid-19, the world’s first geospatial marketer and Yorkshire resident, Elaine Ball has announced the successful growth of her business, Elaine Ball Ltd - a dedicated business & marketing consultancy for the global Geospatial industry, delivering business, sales, and marketing consulting services through workshops, consultancy, training, and execution.

Expecting to be impacted negatively by the pandemic, Elaine has in fact seen revenue grow by 30% and staff increase by 25% over the past 12 months.

In 2013, Elaine invested £60,000 of her own savings to launch Elaine Ball Ltd, hiring seasoned professionals from the field to bolster team experience and skill - an investment that has paid off eight years later.

The company has experienced a period of rapid expansion, particularly with the launch of its Get Kids into Survey recruitment campaign, designed to introduce and educate the younger generation to the relatively unknown world of surveying and encourage them to consider it as a possible career path.

Elaine Ball Ltd has also now formally launched the all-new global Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA). This is an online programme for survey companies and equipment manufacturers/resellers, helping them to get clear on their transformations and bring a client-driven marketing approach in house.

Elaine comments: “It’s fantastic that the business has gone from strength to strength and we’re turning over more revenue than we ever have before. I truly believe this is down to the passion behind and intent of the team, focused on raising the standards of sales and marketing within the Geospatial industry.”

Elaine concludes: “The pandemic hasn’t deterred our mission at all - in fact, it may have helped. As strange as that may sound, the industry as a whole is very behind in terms of techniques, for instance many of them haven’t been using digital marketing techniques. Lockdown forced many geospatial companies online for the first time, which was necessary and long overdue!”

To find out more about Elaine Ball Ltd visit:

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