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World-renowned entrepreneur and ‘queen of happiness’ fromNewcastle celebrated by Sir Richard Branson

Leading positive psychologist, Niyc Pidgeon, has been recognised for her work with

women around the world

Newcastle-born entrepreneur, multi-award-winning positive psychologist, Niyc Pidgeon, is

celebrating being championed by one of the world’s most successful businessmen, Sir

Richard Branson after he highlighted her tireless work to empower women as part of Global

Entrepreneurs Week this November.

Niyc, who splits her time between LA and the UK, has been supported by Sir Richard since

2013, when he helped to fund her first business, a wellness brand, through the Virgin

StartUp programme.

Niyc shared, ‘I’m so grateful to Sir Richard and Virgin StartUp for believing in me and giving

me the opportunity to start my business and help others, I’ve never forgotten that first

helping hand. While I’ve been lucky enough to work with Richard on many occasions, this is

still a real pinch-me moment, and one I’m filled with gratitude for.’

Named a ‘Legendary Entrepeneur’ by Forbes, Niyc’s story is one of triumph over adversity

and gives hope to many. She was so severely bullied at school she attempted to take her

own life at just 12 years old, before losing 3 of her close friends, including Love Island’s

Sophie Gradon, over the next few years to suicide.

As a result, Niyc was inspired to pursue her career in positive psychology, after making it her

life’s mission to help people live more joyfully and create Unstoppable Success in

themselves and their businesses, with a bigger mission of reducing and preventing suicide.

Niyc has just returned from spending time on Necker Island with Mr Branson, who said, ‘It’s

always wonderful to re-connect with entrepreneurs I’ve met over the years and to see how much they’ve grown.

‘It was so inspiring to hear Niyc speak so passionately about empowering women

entrepreneurs, who are typically under-represented and underfunded in the start-up

landscape. Indeed, for every 10 new businesses founded by men in the UK, fewer than five

are started by women. I’m very much looking forward to our next reunion Niyc!’

After uniquely blending her credentials as a positive psychologist (the science of happiness),

with business mentoring, Niyc has gone on to help more than 10,000 women start and grow

their businesses and make more than $41 million dollars.

She is a globally recognised public speaker and best-selling author of Now Is Your Chance,

a 30-day positive psychology guide with micro-steps to massive joy, dubbed ‘the bible to


She is also the Founder & Creator of the Unstoppable Success® brand and the Positive

Psychology Coach Certification®. She is is a partner with VirginUnite and fiercely gives her

voice to raising awareness for the prevention of suicide.

To find out more about Niyc visit:

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