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Why you’re afraid of PR

Unlocking the mindset magic to show up and shine

I work with ambitious, entrepreneurial women day in, day out. These service-savvy experts are smashing it in every area, from their social media mastery to their sparkling client results.

And yet? So many of my clients share the same struggle when it comes to PR.


In many ways, PR is the ultimate test of confidence for a business owner. We can boss our Insta grid, perfect our marketing material, and develop lasting relationships with our clients. We have the power to control these things because we’re in the driving seat, cruising down the highway to success.

When it comes to PR, however, some of that control is taken out of our hands.

  • PR means visibility on a mass scale.

  • PR means external validation.

  • PR means someone else deciding if our story is press-worthy.

  • PR means having absolute faith that our biz deserves a place in the spotlight.

If I got a pound for every time a new client says “PR gives me the wobbles” or “PR makes me feel super vulnerable”, I’d be having a champagne breakfast every morning.

We’re blessed to live in an era when there are SO many more badass women in business. But sadly, the gender imbalance still exists. As women, we’re socially conditioned to be ‘perfect’ but not own our greatness. Confidence and assertiveness are misinterpreted as arrogance and intimidation. Time and time again, the world tells us to play small and stay quiet.

Not on my watch, babe.

This is why PR and mindset work go hand in hand. Without the clarity and confidence to get visible, it just doesn’t happen.

This is why we need to:

  • Celebrate our wins

  • Embrace our unique gifts

  • Be unapologetically authentic

  • Understand that our self worth is independent of our business

  • Challenge our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our business

  • Realise that ‘ambition’ isn’t a dirty word

  • Kick imposter syndrome to the curb

  • Accept that failure isn’t fatal

  • Show Up and Shine like the bosses we are

If we can’t wholeheartedly value ourselves and our abilities, relying on PR for validation will make us feel drained and on-edge.

Think of it this way. How can you tell when someone is totally comfortable in their own skin? They seem to shine a little brighter, don’t they? They’ve got a magnetic aura that makes us want to spend time with them, learn from them and listen to what they have to say.

By mastering our mindset and boldly stepping into being visible, this is what we can achieve with effective PR. Rather than hide our light, we can channel our inner ‘star quality’ to sprinkle our magic far and wide and achieve the recognition and respect we deserve.

You deserve to be seen and heard. You deserve a place in the spotlight. You deserve to be a superstar in your sector.

But first, you’ve got to believe that you deserve it. Imagine where you could be six months from now if you chose to believe in yourself today?

You’ve got this.

And if you need a little sprinkling of PR Fairy Godmother magic, I've got you.

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