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Yorkshire business celebrates its fourth birthday with a £10,000 donation to charity

Leeds-based Social Cactus Coaching marked their fourth business birthday on 22 October

Social Cactus, a mindset coaching business, was established four years ago by Leeds-born Amy Crumpton while she was backpacking through South America.

They celebrated their fourth birthday on 22 October with a full-day Instagram Live event, a £10,000 donation to charity, and Founder Amy will be returning to London from Spain to host an in-person event, ‘Magnetic Live Event’.

Amy, a certified Time Line Therapy and NLP Practitioner, said: “It’s hard to believe that we are four years down the road and Social Cactus continues to thrive and get bigger and more successful.

“We have had remarkable financial success this year and so are lucky enough to be able to mark our birthday by donating £10,000 to Rescued Paws, a charity set up by a fellow Leeds-woman. Total donations to Rescued Paws have hit £15,000, and we hope to be able to donate further through The Cactus Foundation.”

In the four years since inception, Social Cactus has helped over 2000 women and has grown to a team of nine following the appointment of Laura Greaux, a Social Cactus client who has now completed her coaching certificate and will join the business as a coach.

Amy added: “We have so much to celebrate this month, but most notably for me is being able to help so many women to reach their potential. I love working with such focussed and powerful women on a daily basis and I hope that in the next four years we can reach even more amazing business women.”

A ‘Birthday Bonanza’ on Instagram on 22 October featured stories from former clients, coaches and others who worked with Social Cactus along the way, and Amy, along with Social Cactus Head Coach and fiance Chris, are gearing up for a brief return to the UK from Spain to host an in-person event, ‘Magnetic Live Event’.

Aimed at coaches and service-based business women, the event will focus on mindset, strategy and action. 10% of all ticket sales will be donated to The Cactus Foundation, and will be matched funded by Social Cactus. You can find out more about the event here:

To find out more about Social Cactus visit: Social Cactus (

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