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Five things to help you gear up for success in 2020

Guest blog from Linda Davies-Carr, aka The Master Fixer

Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash

Are you deep into your Christmas planning or still scrabbling around to finish the year and the decade on a high?

Have you built in any time to take a breath, reflect and take the learning from what worked and what didn’t work so well in 2019, so you know what to build on in 2020?

I’d recommend that you build in some time to sit quietly do the reflection, take the learning and be grateful for what you have achieved in 2019. Then take that approach and apply it to the last decade - you’ll be surprised far you’ve come.

Let’s try a different approach for the new decade, try these five approaches for size and see how you can weave them into your 2020 plans.

Many of these you’re reading about, you know this stuff, right? Well, all I urge you to do is to shine the spotlight and get under the skin of your business and set you and your business up for growth, success and fun for the new year and new decade.


Do have a crystal clear vision about what you and your business are providing.

What’s the goal?

What’s the growth goal?

How will you achieve what you want?

When will you achieve it?

Set your goals, set the big scary goals, set the medium-term goals and don’t forget the micro-goals; the ones you can do easily and celebrate their achievement. The celebration will keep you and your attention in momentum and moving towards the bigger goals.


Be absolutely crystal clear on your value add.

Know what your competitors do and offer, and keep a track on them. Not in a stalker / secret lurker way, but by doing some structured and robust competitor analysis, and always keeping an eye on what they are doing.


I meet so many small business owners who know that they can be successful, if only…..

They had a beautiful website, bought a new course, attended another webinar, had a podcast etc...

Sometimes it’s about using what you have and taking that leap of faith. You can have the best suite of spreadsheets and the most brilliant project plan, but if you spend all your time planning and no time working on the execution it just won't work.

I believe to my core that action fixes most things, so in 2020, make sure you take action!

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

Stay in Your Lane

It’s so easy to get distracted…

STOP searching for cute kitten videos, or Christmas themed funny clips. Don’t get distracted.

STOP comparing your business to others on social media. I can guarantee you that they are not accurate - everyone embellishes the truth. After all, who posts when they’ve had a tough day, wanted to curl up on the sofa and binge watch a box set??

NO! They post their most gorgeous photos in the most gorgeous places and share their most successful results. Please remember that when you are tempted to compare your life and your business to theirs.

START doing what you do brilliantly and leave everyone else to do what they do.

You wouldn’t go to a doctor to have your car serviced and you wouldn’t engage an accountant to fix your boiler. Likewise, if someone is an ex-nurse they’re probably not the best business coach. See what I mean….

Mindset for success

How you think about and how you approach your business will determine your success.

Anyone can start a business - it’s so easy, and many do. But the reality is, not everyone is suited to running their own business. It's relentless, it’s hard work and it takes time.

You need to be resilient, get used to failing forward and toughen up for the inevitable rejections. Having your own business is amazing, exhausting and frustrating in equal measures.

Learning how to manage your mindset, build robust coping mechanisms and grow your resilience is critical for your long term success. It won’t necessarily happen for you in the first 12 months and you need to be prepared for the long game.

Working on your mindset every single day is a business-critical habit.

Finally, build high-performance business habits that support you and your business and apply these habits every single day.

Work harder on yourself than you work on your business, and you will set yourself up for success and growth in 2020.

Linda Davies-Carr

Linda is a Business Turnaround Expert, Best Selling Author and Business Turnaround Coach.

Linda has had 30+ years experience in running businesses, at executive and board level for leading FTSE 100 companies. Leading and informally successfully coaching thousands of people she is well qualified to help in all elements of business.

Based in Bristol, Linda now chooses to focus on coaching primarily business women over 40, who want more. More fun, more business and more purpose. She is known as the #masterfixer. She coaches on business turnaround, performance coaching, mindset, success, confidence and more, encouraging her clients to dramatically improve turnover, embrace change, learn the tools to be more resilient and to achieve and lead the lives they desire.

She helps busy business women get more clients, make more money and to sleep better at night.

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