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Why autumn is the best season in the countryside

I always think country and rural folk feel the wheel of the year a lot more vividly than our town or city neighbours. You can sense the seasons shifting in the country; the light changes, the scent in the air is different and subtle things are naturally more pronounced. Many of us also have businesses which are influenced by the seasons, so we naturally become more attuned to them. From farms to pubs, outdoor attractions to country fashion, the changing seasons herald peaks, troughs and trends in rural businesses, and to be successful we adapt accordingly.

For me, there is no better season than autumn in the countryside. Here’s why. The sights Autumn, for me, is the most beautiful of our seasons. The countryside puts on her best dress and becomes a riot of colour. Bold, warm hues of scarlet, amber and gold fill the forests and lanes. Misty mornings and cold, clear evenings take over from balmy summer days and everything feels just that little bit wilder. The sounds Is there anything more satisfying than pulling on your wellies on a crisp autumn morning and crunching through freshly fallen leaves? Nope, didn’t think so! The smells The scent of woodsmoke gently drifting on an autumn breeze is something special. After the heady indulgence of summer BBQs in the air, there is comfort in a chilly evening accompanied by the curling trails of woodsmoke and the smell it brings. I feel like it calls to the caveman inside us, there’s something quite primal about a traditional fire that I never tire of. The tastes There are few things more satisfying than a morning spent foraging to create something delicious to enjoy with your loved ones. The countryside bursts with natural abundance in autumn, from blackberries and apples to sloes and sweet chestnuts. Forage considerately, only taking what you need and leaving the rest for the local wildlife. Every year we gather blackberries from the lane opposite our house and make a spiced chutney, it sees us through autumn, winter and Christmas, and is a real talking point at any parties we have - plus having it in the fridge is the perfect excuse for a hefty cheeseboard! The feel For me, autumn is filled with a hint of magic every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love long evenings in the summer sun, but there’s something about the weather starting to crisp up, cosy weekends in front of the fire, snuggling up in big chunky knits and the promise of Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas just around the corner that I absolutely adore!

Do you agree, or perhaps another season holds your heart? I’d love to know, head over to my Instagram and share your thoughts! May your autumn be filled with adventures, success and just a hint of magic. Rx

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