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7 Success Secrets of Scaling Entrepreneurs

You’ve only got to scroll through the ‘gram once to see entrepreneurs talking about ‘scaling’. They seem to have it all figured out, right? They’ve got all the systems in place to grow, without working to the point of exhaustion.

When you’re working around the clock, it can be frustrating to see others glide through their days with ease, building a profitable business along the way. The idea of taking a ‘CEO day’ to work on your own goals seems impossible when you’ve got an overflowing inbox and a never-ending to-do list of client work.

But this isn’t an unattainable lifestyle. It’s simply a matter of implementing processes that will make your business work in alignment with you rather than against you. I know this because I’m blessed to work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the biz day in, day out. Once upon a time, they were just as overwhelmed as you.

These are the 7 success secrets of scaling entrepreneurs!

Raise your prices and tweak your offers

Too often, ambitious entrepreneurs shy away from raising their prices. They worry that it will put prospective clients off. In fact, the opposite is true. Streamlining your offers to a few core options is one of the most effective ways to lighten your workload without losing money.

Do you find yourself offering clients countless ways to work with you and modifying packages to their exact requirements? This is a surefire way to stunt your growth, as you end up with 101 ‘small’ tasks to juggle rather than a handful of quality, profitable jobs. Refine your high-ticket, mid-level, and low-ticket offerings and get crystal clear on who they’re for and how they’ll benefit from them then watch those enquiries from dreamy dream clients roll in!

Up your PR game

PR isn’t just about getting new clients or customers. It’s about building yourself as a thought leader. In other words, positioning yourself as THE expert in your niche! The more you build that ‘know, like, trust’ factor, the more you’ll attract those dream clients who are on your wavelength. Sure, all client enquiries are fantastic. But working with people who are aligned with your values and motivations is an absolute game-changer and PR will help you attract them. Never underestimate the power of positive working relationships with people who just get you - you’ll find yourself breezing through the work and feeling so much more fulfilled!

Work on your mindset

No matter what stage we’re at in our business journey, our mindset is key. Ever heard the phrase new level, new devil’? There will always be challenges and stumbling blocks to contend with as we scale. Pinpoint your stressors or limiting beliefs. Do you find yourself thinking “I’ll never be able to get to that level” or “I could never achieve that”? Pay attention to negative self-talk and ask yourself if it’s coming from a place of rationality or fear. The more you mistake irrational doubts as truth, the more your actions will support those beliefs. Scaling a biz requires a next level, CEO mindset, it’s something we’ll be deep-diving into in my brand new Superstar CEO Mastermind (shh friend, that’s top secret right now!).

Grow your profile

What’s the bigger ‘why’ behind your business? The chances are, something prompted you to become the boss babe you are today. From your social media to your website copy, communicate your core values and motivations loud and clear and keep it consistent everywhere you show up. The more you clarify who you are, what you do, and who you serve, the easier it will be to attract those ideal clients who slot in with your wider business goals.

Develop daily habits

It’s all too easy to write down lofty goals like “make six figures” or “hire a team”. But without making them more specific by adding timelines and specifics, and breaking those intentions down into manageable steps, they mean nothing. By adding small, bitesize needle-moving activities into your daily routine, you work towards those goals, one step at a time. Before you know it you’ll have smashed your current goals and need to set some more! Set time aside on a weekly or monthly basis to review your goals, your progress, and what you need to do to achieve the next milestone. Gradual, intentional action beats ‘quick win’ tactics every time!

Take care of yourself

You are your greatest asset. If you’re overwhelmed and overworked, you’re hardly in the right frame of mind to scale to success. Investing in yourself is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Whether that’s coaching, outsourcing or even just taking some time off, give yourself the mental bandwidth to move forward with clarity and confidence. Health is wealth (and I should know - check out my burnout bounce back story on the Yorkshire Post here)!

Serving is selling

While it’s important to be dishing up valuable content, we still need to sprinkle in our selling magic if we want our audience to take action. Remember: selling doesn’t have to be pushy or ‘in your face’. In fact, this can be a huge turn-off! The most effective selling comes from a place of genuinely wanting to help. As soon as you reframe ‘selling’ as ‘serving’, you flick a switch. You’ve got unique gifts and talents that your ideal client needs. Don’t be afraid to shine like the star you are!

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